Documentation You Need When Filing A Worker’s Compensation Claim

injured worker
If you suffer an injury while working on the job, the next most important thing you can do after seeking medical attention is to file a worker’s compensation claim.

When you file your claim, you must ensure your worker’s comp documentation aligns to help expedite your paperwork and get you the money you need as quickly as possible.

What Documentation Do I Need When Filing A Worker’s Compensation Claim?

While it would be excellent for filing a worker’s compensation claim to be a simple form stating you’ve been injured, it’s far more complex and requires multiple forms for you to receive compensation.

You’ll need the following five forms to file a worker’s compensation claim properly:

  • Form 18 – You and your lawyer must complete this within 30 days of your injury and serve it to your employer to notify them and the Industrial Commission of any workers’ compensation claim.
  • Form 25P – Necessary to receive reimbursement for associated expenses.
  • Form 18M – If you need treatment beyond the typical two-year period, based on the advice of your treating physicians, you must file this form if you need continued medical care.
  • Form 33 – Necessary to request a hearing with the IC
  • Form 25T – Necessary to recover reimbursement for mileage expenses if you traveled more than 20 miles for doctor visits.

If you fail to fill out these forms correctly, your entire worker’s compensation case may be denied.

Throughout your recovery, it’s a good idea also to keep your medical records, photos of your injury, and any other relevant documents organized in case they are needed for your claim.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Injured On The Job?

If you’ve been injured while working, first seek medical attention. Then, call Hyland, Padilla, & Fowler to help you navigate the complex world of worker’s compensation claims.

We offer free consultations to help you begin navigating your case and expedite your journey to receiving the compensation you deserve. In addition, we will help advise you on filling out the documents correctly and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.

Insurance companies may try to get you to admit something that makes the injury appear to be your fault or agree to a lower settlement than you deserve. Rely on Hyland, Padilla, & Fowler to get you the compensation you deserve to pay for medical bills and compensate for lost wages.

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