How Are Distracted Driving Accidents Treated In North Carolina?

distracted driver
According to the National Safety Council, auto accidents occur in a split second — and more than 330,000 people suffer injuries every year as a result of distracted driving accidents.

Most states have distracted driving laws to govern fault in these cases, but what you’re allowed varies, such as cell phone laws.

North Carolina has some complicated statutes, such as you can receive calls while driving, but you can not text. Understanding what you’re allowed and prohibited from doing can help prevent an accident and enable you to know if another driver was at fault.

What Constitutes As Distracted Driving In North Carolina?

We all know that texting and driving can be dangerous, but distracted driving encompasses more than just replying to that latest group text.

Types of distracted driving include:

  • Eating or drinking while operating a vehicle
  • Grooming yourself or applying makeup
  • Texting, emailing, or reading
  • Adjusting the radio or music in your car

Depending on the result of the accident, the courts could elevate texting and driving violations to reckless driving or a death-by-vehicle charge.

Are There Any Exceptions To Cell Phone Use While Driving In North Carolina?

As the law applies to cell phones, in addition to talking on the phone, North Carolina allows posting to social media and surfing the Internet while driving. This law is unique, as there are about 25 states that ban cell phone use other than hands-free calling.

Depending on your age and the type of vehicle you’re driving, there are other exceptions. Bus drivers and drivers under 18 years old may not use the cell phone other features, such as cameras, browsing the web, or playing music, while the vehicle is in motion. Both of these groups may use the phone to make a call in cases of emergency.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been In An Accident Due To Distracted Driving?

If you or a loved one suffered a personal injury due to a distracted driver, contact Hyland, Padilla, & Fowler’s legal team right away. Our attorneys can help you build a case to recover damages for your injury.

We offer free consultations to clients to analyze and evaluate your case. Our team boasts 50 plus years of legal experience and deep knowledge of North Carolina’s unique traffic laws, which can help you win the most considerable monetary damages possible.

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