FAQ: Will My Case Settle?


By Raleigh + Durham Worker’s Compensation Attorneys at Hyland + Padilla PLLC

Video Transcription:

I’m Chris Hyland with Hyland + Padilla PLLC attorneys. A question that our clients ask us a lot is: “Is my case going to settle?” It depends really on what you, the client, choose to do because many circumstances allow for the case to continue. We don’t want to settle your case unless you want to settle your case. If you decide that you’ve got all the medical treatment that you need, and you’re back at work, then there may be some payment for a permanent impairment rating, and your case can stay open for you to go back to the doctor from time to time as long as you go within a two-year window. In other cases when the client wants to sell their case completely, maybe they’re not working at the same employer anymore, and so we’ll work with the client to come up with a settlement that will award them compensation for any impairment rating, for any future medical treatment that they may get once they’ve left the employer, and once they’ve settled the case. If you have any questions, please give me a call.

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