What Not To Say After A Car Crash

Auto accidents are some of the most common kinds of incidents in the United States. At least one happens every minute. In this country alone, there are 5.25 million auto accidents per year. According to some estimates, most drivers will file a car crash claim once every 17 years or so. While car collisions are commonplace, they are no less frightening. Verbal responses are often so well-ingrained they pop out as soon as we encounter another person after the collision. While “I’m sorry” may be the first thing that wants to come out of your mouth, instead you should ask “Are you okay?”

Accidents are often surrounded by people rushing to help after the collision. These people can later be called on as witnesses if the case goes all the way to court. Your “I’m sorry” could have meant “I’m sorry this happened to you” or “I’m sorry this happened to both of us,” but in a court of law, an attorney could use that as an admission of guilt. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, such a phrase could be viewed as an apology for contributing to the crash.

While it may be a hard habit to break after an accident refrain from apologizing for causing any inconvenience. For all you know, the other person could have been the primary cause of the crash. (In which case, they would owe you an apology.) Concern yourself with ensuring all people involved are okay, call law enforcement to report the incident, and take pictures of all the damage you can.

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