Forced Arbitration Clauses In Employment Contracts Hinder Justice For Those Who Have Suffered Harassment Or Discrimination

When you sign your employment contract, you probably are not looking for hidden clauses talking about forced arbitration. However, many people are surprised when they are sexually harassed or discriminated against at work and are unable to take their case before a jury. Forced arbitration clauses essentially take away employees’ Seventh Amendment right to have their cases heard publicly in front of a jury. Instead, they are forced to settle in arbitration and keep their case entirely confidential.

For those who have suffered sexual harassment or other forms of discrimination at work, forced arbitration means they won’t be able to tell anyone about their injustice. It is entirely secret, and no one will ever know what happened to them. They will have to go through the arbitration process, and many times, those who are harassed will end up leaving the company, while the perpetrator is allowed to stay. This gross injustice in the workplace is effectively silencing those affected by discrimination and sexual harassment.

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